A new book on Blind Signal Separation and Extraction (BSS/BSE), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Multichannel Blind Deconvolution (MBD) and Equalization:
Blind Signal
Image Processing

Learning Algorithms
and Applications


Blind Signal Processing (BSP) is now one of the hottest and most exciting topics in the fields of neural computation, advanced statistics, and signal processing with solid theoretical foundations and many potential applications.
In fact, BSP has become a very important topic for research and development in many areas, especially biomedical engineering, medical imaging, speech enhancement, remote sensing, communication systems, exploration seismology, geophysics, econometrics, data mining, etc.

BSP includes three major areas:
Blind Signal Separation and Extraction (BSS/BSE), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), and Multichannel Blind Deconvolution (MBD) and Equalization, which are the main subjects of the book.

Accompanying CD-ROM includes the electronic and interactive version of the book with hyperlinks, full-colour figures and the text. In addition, a MATLAB user friendly demo package for performing ICA and BSS/BSE is also included.

Samples of the book:

Last updated: November, 2003, ABSP Lab.