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Laboratory Head
Dr. Andrzej Cichocki

The Cichocki Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing (ABSP) investigates and develops tools and software for analysis, extraction, enhancement, de-noising detection, localization, recognition and classification of brain signals and patterns, especially measured by high density array EEG/MEG and ERP/EMG systems.

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A Brief Guide for TDALAB Ver 1.0 [PDF]

ICALAB for Signal Processing ver. 3.0

NMFLAB for Signal Processing ver 1.2

Guidebook of NMFLAB for signal processing [PDF]

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We are interested in intelligent biomedical signal processing and nonlinear system theory approaches in computational neuroscience, with an emphasis on neural network models with underlying components (processing units) and biologically plausible learning algorithms.

In order to understand the higher order functioning of the brain, it is necessary to develop new methods of signal processing for brain data. On the other hand, the brain itself performs excellent information processing, by using diversified representations of information.

Our Laboratory focuses on two aspects of the brain signal processing, namely analysis and modeling. The first goal is to develop advanced methods for brain multi-dimensional and multi-modal data analysis, especially for EEG, MEG, EMG and spatio-temporal pictorial signal from fMRI or optical recordings.
Our second goal is to elucidate brain signal processing through its modeling and engineering applications. We analyze models of biologically plausible neural networks with adaptive learning rules in order to understand brain information processing in the visual, auditory, olfactory and somatosensory systems. To this end, we implement engineering designs of brain-style pattern recognition, classification and cognitive systems.

Main Tasks and Applications
  1. Development of advanced methods for brain data analysis and processing.
  2. Development of generalized component analysis (ICA, SCA, NMF, SPCA) and blind source separation (BSS).
  3. Semi-blind extraction and analysis of ERP transient signals.
  4. Statistical analysis of multi-electrode signals- especially analysis of brain signals from EEG/MEG recording.
  5. Developments of neural network models and their engineering applications.
  6. Auditory signal processing and speech enhancement.
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